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31 January 2009 @ 06:57 pm
What Not To Do, aka Bad Spelling and Grammar  
I know. We see it all the time, but for some reason I just felt compelled to compile a list of what spelling and grammar errors really annoy me. I don't mean to offend anybody, but please don't fall prey to these easily fixed issues!

1) your is not you're. For example, your spelling sucks. You are really stupid.
2) their is not they're, which is not there. For example, their unique spelling mistakes are very annoying. They are people who need to fix these problems. There is a simple way to do that.
3) Past and present tenses~! If you're using present tense and suddenly switch to past tense, it disrupts the flow of your writing! Don't make it difficult for your reader!
4) Comma usage. 2 sentences joined by a conjunction should use some type of punctuation. I like to write long sentences, but it is important to punctuate them correctly.
5) Possession. I am contracts to I'm. Not Im. I'm.
6) In general, typos are not cool. Spellcheck exists for a reason. Please use it. Also, betas are helpful at times. They are there to help you.
7) Comma splices. A personal pet peeve of mine that I really hate seeing. Of course, compared to the above, I could live with a few of these. Running through the chilly air, I suddenly saw a silvery mist appear in front of my path; and I stopped dead in my tracks. Please note the usage of the semi-colon instead of a comma. If there was a comma used there, that would be a comma splice. It is simply there to help the flow of writing.

And that is all from Terial's Writing Corner today. Everybody, good luck with your endeavors!
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