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May You Live in Interesting Times...

Momento Mori


My beautiful layout was done by katokathy! Be sure to check her out~!

Proud member of GOE-SS. Keep the faith!

Hmm.... What to say? Somehow I managed to get a B.S. and I'll be attending graduate school in the fall :3. I enjoy reading, writing, anime, various TV shows, and video games. ^^; My current obsessions are probably... FFVII: AC, Stargate: Atlantis, JE, DBSK, Saiunkoku Monogatari, and japanese/korean dramas. I am a music fanatic, so never ask me for music recommendations -_-; Anyway, I guess that's it. Well, I actually traffic over 50 fandoms so just assume that I like a lot of things and leave it there... If you want a full list, look here. =_= Sometimes, this is not good for my brain when I start thinking of crossover opportunities. Also, I have a lot of interests that I don't list because I can't really imagine how to list everything I'm interested in. ^^ I occasionally beta for my good friend gothicauthor when I have time =^_^= Go read her fics~! Oh, and I podfic when I have time. It randomly eats parts of my life. Hahahahahaha. That and college.

On the subject of RPS, since I do follow JE and some other RPS fandoms... I'm actually very fond of J2 but *coughcough* JE still owns the first part of my soul. And other parts. I just happen to like Japanese boys who sing and dance? And other things? >_> And other boys who aren't Japanese? Eye candy is good for the soul, especially when finals loom in the distance.

I also have a bad habit of falling into lurkdom for about half the year and resurfacing for the other half. I blame this on a thing called college and how it eats my life. Sorry. I really do love reading and commenting but college sort of kills my online life in favor of trying to sane through tests. Also, if I have friended you and you are debating on whether to friend me, I do it for one of two reasons:

1) You have a friends-locked fic journal and I love your fics and want to read them
2) I really like your fic and your journal isn't friends-locked but I really like your fic so I like to see it on my f-list. Don't feel obligated to friend me back.